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Temporary waiver of fees: The board of directors has suspended job-posting fees for all employers until March 2, 2021. Employers may post no more than six free jobs during this period. (Postings in excess of that level will incur fees as set out below.)

Dallas LGBT+ Bar Association accepts job postings from employers with positions for attorneys and other legal professionals in Texas. The association promotes each posting in a newsletter sent to the entire association mailing list (members and non-members). For 90 days or until the position is filled, the job remains on this page and is promoted through the association’s social-media channels.

The association provides job-posting services for third parties on the following terms:

  • For non-profit, government, and related entities, three job postings per year at no cost.
  • For all other postings, $50 per posting.

To have your job posted, email the posting to