REMINDER: Two Weeks Left for 2021 Justice Award Nominations

There are only two weeks left to submit nominations for the 2021 Dallas LGBT+ Bar Association Justice Award. Nominations will close at midnight on October 31, 2021. Submit your nominations now.

Each year, the Association recognizes one person who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of the LGBTQ+ community by fighting injustice. The Association awarded its inaugural Justice Award to Jayla Wilkerson at its annual Holiday Party in 2019, and awarded the 2020 Justice Award to Robyn Pocohantas Crowe. While COVID-19 prevented us from celebrating with an in-person party last year, the work of honoring those who fight for justice continued. This year we look forward to gathering in-person once again to celebrate the courageous work of those nominated for this award. We welcome your nominations according to the instructions below.

About the Justice Award

The Association was inspired to launch the Justice Award in response to tragic events in 2019: On April 12 of that year, 23-year-old black trans woman Muhlaysia Booker of Dallas made national headlines when video footage surfaced of multiple men brutally attacking her while bystanders watched and screamed transphobic slurs. A few days later, Ms. Booker spoke out at a community press conference to stand against the injustice she faced. A month after that, on May 18, Muhlaysia was found face down in the street, shot and killed. “She had a heart of gold,” Muhlaysia’s best friend, Jessica Anderson, said. “She didn’t want to experience all of this tragic stuff, but she wanted everyone to pay attention to the injustice.”

The recipient of the DLGBTBA’s Justice Award meets the following criteria:

  • Like Muhlaysia, the recipient demonstrates qualities showing “a heart of gold.”
  • The recipient has drawn attention to or advocated against injustice in the LGBTQ+community.
  • The recipient (absent contingencies such as exile, detention, or restriction on travel due to circumstances justifying the award) must agree to be present in person to receive the award at the annual Holiday Party to be held in December.
  • The recipient may be nominated based on a lifetime body of work or a single event or case.
  • A dues-paying member of the Dallas LGBT+ Bar Association nominates the recipient by October 31, 2021, by filling out and submitting this brief form.

You may direct any questions regarding the award and nominations to

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