2020 Justice Award Celebration

The association will host its 2020 Justice Award Celebration on Monday, March 8, noon central time. The program, running under an hour, will highlight the work of the finalists and reveal the winner. Join us to learn about the important work of these folks and to help celebrate this year's Justice Award winner! Attend via … Continue reading 2020 Justice Award Celebration

Systemic racism in our society (ethics CLE)

The Dallas LGBT Bar Association and the LGBT Section of the State Bar of Texas, with support from sister bars, including the JL Turner Legal Association and Dallas Asian American Bar Association, are hosting “The Truth About Systemic Racism in Society and Understanding Our Personal and Professional Responsibility,” on February 24 at noon–1:30p.m. The course … Continue reading Systemic racism in our society (ethics CLE)

Shelly Skeen (Justice Award Finalists)

Shelly Skeen

(This post is part of a series highlighting the finalists for Dallas LGBT+ Bar Association's 2020 Justice Award. The award recipient will be announced in late January 2021.) Shelly Skeen (she/her) is a Senior Attorney for Lambda Legal, the oldest and largest national legal organization committed to achieving the full recognition of civil rights for … Continue reading Shelly Skeen (Justice Award Finalists)

LGBTQ+ Civil Rights in the Era of Religious Liberties (CLE)

Register here. The historic Obergefell and Bostock decisions from the Supreme Court have accorded LGBT+ folks legal rights that were not widely available to them before in America. At the same time, the Supreme Court has signaled a readiness to balance those new rights with the religious rights of others, who prefer to hold to … Continue reading LGBTQ+ Civil Rights in the Era of Religious Liberties (CLE)